Prepare your honing operations for the expected surge in business!

Get a 5% machine discount plus tooling credit on select machines


Most business analysts expect a huge upturn in manufacturing production once the pandemic loosens its grip, which by most indications will start very soon. Sunnen wants to help you prepare to meet the demand for precision honed components. 

During the months of May and June we are offering a 5% discount on the current inventory of many of our industry leading honing machines, plus a credit of $1,500 or $3,500 on tooling and abrasives with every purchase, depending on the machine purchased. 

These machines are rarely sold at a discount, and they will be sold on a first-come, first-sold basis until our limited inventory is depleted.

This offer applies to four machine models:

HTA-4100 Tube Hone

This horizontal honing machine is ideal for resurfacing and repair work in longer parts such as hydraulic cylinders and other applications where light-duty stock removal up to 0.030 inches (0,76 mm) is needed.

Bore diameter range:
2.5 – 21 inches (64 – 533 mm).

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MBB-1660 Manual Horizontal Hone

Versatile and economical, the MBB-1660 is ready for any I.D. work that comes along,
from .060 in. to 6.5 inches (1.5 – 165 mm) in diameter. Whether you are honing half a dozen pieces or several hundred, production or salvage, you can set up and start honing quickly and without a lot of expense.

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SH-2000 Automatic Horizontal Hone

For superior high-performance, high-production bore sizing and finishing, the SH-2000 is extremely easy to setup and operate – even an inexperienced operator can run it after minimal training. Universal honing fixtures handle nine out of ten jobs, with no chucks, fixtures or special tooling.

Bore diameter range:
.060-6.5 inches (1.5-165 mm).

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SV-15 Cylinder Hone

The Sunnen® SV-15 is designed with power, precision, durability and advanced technology… perfect for honing big, heavy or odd shaped workpieces such as engine blocks, cylinder liners or compressor blocks. The highly advanced touch screen control allows even inexperienced operators to hit tight tolerances.

Bore diameter range:
.75 – 8 inches (19 – 201 mm).

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Sunnen Precision Honing Tools and Abrasives

As part of this special inventory reduction sale, you will receive a tooling credit of $1,500 or $3,500 depending on the machine ordered. The tooling credit is good until December 31, 2020 and does not have to be used at the time of the machine sale.

Don’t miss this limited time offer*.

For more information or to place an order, please call 1-800-325-3670 or 314-781-2100 and ask for Mark Endres from our inside sales team. He can provide pricing information and tell you how to apply for your tooling credit.

*Offer ends June 30, 2020. Valid only in US and Canada.

Sorry, there are no offers available in your country at this time.